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po angielsku:

1. howbeit

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2. but

The story is strange but true.

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3. tough

tough negotiator
tough time
tough, tougher, the toughest

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4. However

However, you'll be asked to write to word limits.
I have two cars and a motorbike. However, I go to work on foot
I usually drink coffee. Today, however, I am having a cup of tea.
She worked hard, however, she failed the final exam.
This is easy to do. However, there are catches.

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5. still

still water
still water/ air/ person
there is no wind outside. It's very still.

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6. nevertheless

Guards say these are the rules. Nevertheless, they never follow them.
Nevertheless, it is still valued by scholars
Nevertheless, it is still valued by scholars.
Nevertheless, most of us still worry about the presentation of additives in our food, especially those with complex names.

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7. only child

I'm an only child myself.
I'm an only child.
I've got only 5 minutes.
Michał so far is the only child.
a child who has no brothers or sisters

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