słownik polski - angielski

język polski - English


po angielsku:

1. further

Two miles further on we came to a small town.
We had walked further than I had realized.
for some time I had wanted to move farther from Lynne
further information
going further

2. ensuing

An argument broke out and in the ensuing fight, a gun went off.
with ensuing confusion and disappointment

Money can buy happiness

3. subsequent

n turn, the Prairie School architects influenced subsequent architectural idioms, particularly the Minimalists (less is more) and Bauhaus (form follows function), which was a mixture of De Stijl (grid-based design) and Constructivism
subsequent jobs

Medical English

4. successive

Clarke remains champion for the sixth successive year.
Three successive hurricanes have hit Florida this year.

Earth and the solar system

5. other

other people
other people / the others help us
przykład ze słówkiem
with five other girls

6. yet

before now or before that time; the best/worst, etc until now
not, I haven't finished it yet.

Jane Eyre 8-10